Here are some people who sell my creatures:

Paxton Gate - Exotic Garden items, unusual trinkets, natural history items, insects, and taxidermied mice - the place you are most likely to find my showcase pieces. They also have bug pinning workshops, and a gallery for local artists.

Necromance - Bones, insects, jewelry and other cool stuff. This shop has been a mainstay in Hollywood for years. Necromance has carried my work for well over 10 years. I love the goodies in this shop, and always make sure to pop in when I am in Los Angeles.

Evolution NYC - This is a chock full of bones, things in jars and other goodies in New York City. I wonder if people trying to get out of the cold ever stumble in there and wonder where they are. I try and pop in whenever I get to New York City.

Like minded artists and similarly intriguing links:

Jack Boulware - has been keeping track of strange bits of culture and writing about it for years. He has written articles for too many publications to mention, published magazines, founded an annual literary festival, and written books. His book “San Francisco Bizarro” has all sorts of great and unusual things that are only in San Francisco, including me.

East Bay Vivarium - This is the coolest place on the planet for reptiles, amphibians, live arachnids, insects and things to keep out most folk. The place seems to be a magnet for little boys.

Custom Creature Taxidermy - Of all the artists who work with bits and pieces of fur and flesh, Sarina is the website most often forwarded to me. If you have any interest at all in weird taxidermy, you've seen her stuff, either the two headed squirrel or one of her other creations you've seen it. - The much heralded group of truly like minded taxidermist in Minnesota and elsewhere. I recently joined up and participated in their spring opener show. The site has links for a variety of unusual taxidermic artists.

The Zymoglyphic Museum - Not only is this a great little museum site of collections unusual creations and dioramas of bits of dead flora and fauna it has comprehensive listing of other cool stuff on the web for easy browsing.

A Case of Curiosities - Beautiful taxidermic work with very victorian sensibilities, and a fellow San Franciscan. Extensive information on historical taxidermy.

Stephen Paternite - has been creating art with dead creatures for over sixteen years, probably longer. His creations are funny and clever. As well, he has created a wonderful video called "Creature Nites” which is a docu-drama of non-existent creatures. I love this video!!

Zoe Keating - is a musician who has taken her Mouse on tour!! See the world from a mouse's point of view. Wow, that mouse has been everywhere!

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